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What can a construction attorney do to help you?

Construction attorneys can help you avoid making costly mistakes and bring the strongest possible case. First, the deadlines for filing a construction lawsuit varies according to states and differs according to the types of contractors, a construction lawyer can help you timely file your lawsuits without missing any deadlines.

Moreover, a construction lawyer will help you better pursue a claim and obtain compensation. An injured worker can have a compensation claim against their employers. In addition, injured workers can file personal injury claim against their non-employers. A construction attorney can help you identify which group of persons or companies should be held liable for your injury and what are the legal theories applicable to your case.

A timely hired construction lawyer can help you better litigate your case. Construction lawyers can conduct throughout investigations on your case, talk to potential witnesses, and help with gather evidence, such as preserving the instrumentalities which cause your injury.

Lastly, if you receive a settlement offer from insurance companies, a construction lawyer can help you access the settlement offer. Sometimes, the settlement offers are not in your best interests. For example, these offers may fail to cover the costs of your future medical needs.

Victims of New York construction injuries are strongly advised to seek legal assistance from a New York construction injury law firm. Please feel free to call Gordon Diefenbach, an attorney in Manhattan who has been handling these kinds of cases for nearly 30 years for a free assessment. The 24-Hour Hotline is (917) 734-7111. We will either speak with you the moment you call or will return your call within a matter of hours.

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