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The Diefenbach PLLC firm has regularly advised clients in complex disputes in a variety of cases.  Gordon Price Diefenbach has successfully handled a wide range of legal matters for over thirty years representing hundreds of clients. Clients we represent rely on a high degree of creativity and intensity in all we do. We limit the number and type of case we accept so that each is given the utmost attention. Our practice is limited to litigation of complex matters in medical negligence, hospital liability, construction site injuries, physician errors, birth injuries, brain injuries, wrongful death, and holding accountable drug companies which market bad drugs with unacceptable side effects, business litigation and employment law, as well as a Matrimonial Department accepting only contested and high net-worth divorces, and the capability to service clients in child custody disputes in all 50 states. The firm has attracted Law Clerks from Yale, Princeton, Columbia, University of Chicago and NYU Law School.

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"At the forefront of medical-legal issues and litigation since 1986."Read Our Full History
Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC
Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC
When the medical industry hurts you, we hold them accountable. Doctors, hospitals, and drugs companies sometimes put profit over people. We step in for you, and have been doing so for nearly thirty years.