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What is a contingent fee structure in construction injury claims?

In most cases, the construction injuries are handled by attorneys on a contingent fee basis, which is usually one-third of the compensation recovered. For example, if you win the case and recover $90,000, you will pay an attorney for $30,000, however, if you lose the case, you do not need to pay for attorney fees, unless there are other agreements.

By letting your attorney bear the risk of losing the case, a contingent fee basis opens the door for everyone to access justice. It provides you a great chance to hire the best attorney available. Moreover, it encourages your lawyers to evaluate your cases carefully, to see whether there is a reasonable chance for you to win the case. In addition, your lawyer will carefully choose the rights persons or companies to sue, to allow you to recover sufficiently in your case.

Victims of New York construction injuries are strongly advised to seek legal assistance from a New York construction injury law firm. Please feel free to call Gordon Diefenbach, an attorney in Manhattan who has been handling these kinds of cases for nearly 30 years for a free assessment. The 24-Hour Hotline is (917) 734-7111. We will either speak with you the moment you call or will return your call within a matter of hours.

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