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Our Technology

Vital information is always available and always secure.

  • PDA’s and digital notebooks ensure information is always accessible.
  • Documents and case materials are digitized and backed up to a secure remote location.
  • Electronic copies are made of all documents and case material, allowing real-time digitizing to our secured network, providing state-of-the art communication, archival and retrieval.
  • Office and remote connectivity is maintained through carrier-class encrypted fiber-optic digital channels.
  • Each desktop computer is kept updated with the latest in virus, spam and spyware protection.
  • Internal and external online resources are kept accessible to ensure that our staff is able to offer the best possible expertise and insight.

At 3 Columbus Circle, New York City, the firm is connected to high-speed fiber optic bandwidth. Other tenants in the building, whose high speed IT connections are critical, include brokerage houses, hedge funds, and electronic financial clearing houses.