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New York Class Actions

Marriage License DetailThe Diefenbach firm continually investigates potential class action cases against corporations. A class action lawsuit occurs when a large number of individuals brings a lawsuit over the same issue or injury or harm. Most recently Gordon Price Diefenbach was Co-counsel in a class action against e-Clinical Works seeking $ 1 Billion dollars in damages due to alleged faulty software coding of electronic medical records. See, https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/eclinicalworks-sued-nearly-1-billion-inaccurate-medical-records

Class actions are a powerful mechanism that can help a large group of people affected by a common problem obtain money damages. Thus, class actions can help consumers hold large corporations accountable for injuries or for even a heightened risk or injury.  A class action case can arise from a single event that injures many people or from an ongoing practice that harms many people.