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Cerebral Palsy Negligence Lawyers in New York City

Diefenbach law firm investigates all cerebral palsy cases to see if your doctor committed negligence in delivering your newborn. You may be able to sue and have your child be compensated, and these cases do run into the millions of dollars paid by the insurer.  Common errors by doctors during delivery include   

  •  when they delay in delivery the newborn, which delay can and does cause  the baby to be deprived of oxygen causing damage to his brain;  
  • or when the doctor when delivering does not used forcepts to extract the baby during a difficult delivery; 
  • or when the baby's a high risk delivery baby or the baby has an infection which is not timely diagnosed;
  • or the umbilical cord sometimes gets wrapped around the baby's throat causing oxygen deprivation;
  • or if you believe the doctor did not properly monitor fetal distress.

If you would like to have a leading New York City law firm investigate your child's birth records to determine whether the hospital or doctor was at fault for your child's Cerebral Palsy, contact the Diefenbach firm today.  We have been in hte legal-medical field since 1986 and have handled these cases. The Diefenbach law firm prides itself on dedicating significant time and resources to the cases we choose to handle. It is essential that you do not miss the legal deadline for bringing your claim. Contact (917) 734-7111 which is our 24 hour hotline and a lawyer will speak with you when you call or at most within hours of your call.