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How We Represent Construction Accident Workers

The Diefenbach law firm is a premiere Manhattan law firm representing injured construction workers.

On accepted cases, we will investigate all manner of injuries to construction workers.

  • Scaffolding injuries
  • Ladder-related injuries
  • Construction site fall
  • Forklifts accidents
  • Falling debris or other objects
  • Elevators accidents 
  • Electrical accidents
  • Toxic exposures     
  • Wrongful death

How We Can Help

Scaffolding accidents kill about 4,500 workers per year, as they are often on scaffolds with limited space or negligently constructed. This results in thousands of falls off those scaffolds which cause severe injuries because of how high they are. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), most scaffold accidents result when planking or supports give way, a scaffold worker trips, or when objects strike workers. Defective or improperly secured scaffolds are a major cause of injury on construction sites. Certain safety mechanisms have developed for workers on scaffolding, such as anchors (under OSHA rules they must be able to support a minimum of 5,000 pounds per worker); webbing (ropes and straps used in the lifelines, strength elements of body harnesses and lanyards); body harness (which minimizes stress forces on the body during a fall from a scaffold); vertical lifelines (which again must have a minimum break strength of 5,000 pounds; each worker under OSHA rules must be attached to a vertical lifeline). A helpful link on New York Law regulating scaffolds — in particular the law applicable to construction, demolition, and excavation, can be found at http://www.labor.ny.gov/workerprotection/safetyhealth/sh23.shtm#23.5. Scaffolding falls may cause spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, paralysis, and so forth. As Manhattan work-place injury lawyers with experience, speaking with us you have nothing to lose and may have a lot to gain.

Representing Ladder-Related Injured Workers

Ladder-related injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries. Ladder accidents kill about 150 workers, and result in more than 20,000 injuries per year. A ladder-related injury may lead to cut, bruises, fractures, and broken bones. It may also lead to fatigue, severe headache, and loss of consciousness. The New York Labor Law § 240(1) holds your employers, contractors, and property owners liable for the ladder-related injuries.   

Representing Falling Construction Workers

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry itself. Falls account for 33.5 % of total deaths in construction in the year 2018. Falls can be caused by unsafe conditions on the work site, such as debris, floor holes, unmarked ledges, defective tools and equipment, or another hazard that could have been prevented, You can file a worker compensation claim for your injuries at the construction site, where you can be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and disabilities. In addition, you can bring other civil lawsuits such as a personal injury claim or product liability lawsuit, to pursue damages other than medical expenses and loss of wages, for example, you can be compensated for pain and suffering.  

Representing Forklifts Accidents

Forklifts are industrial trucks that help to move materials over short distances, including Electric Motor Rider Trucks and Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks. Forklifts accidents killed about 100 workers and injured 20,000 annually.  OSHA found that about 25% of the accidents are caused by operators without proper training. The other causes include equipment malfunction, unstable loads, and a lack of reasonable work schedules. Additional hazards also vary among different types of forklifts. If you are injured as a forklift operator, your employers, subcontractors, forklift manufacturers, or another third party may be liable for your injuries under federal regulations. Our attorney will help you to evaluate your cases and to obtain valuable compensation.

Representing Falling Debris

Falling debris is a common problem at many construction sites and it accounted for about 5% of the workplace deaths per year. Falling debris may cause you head injuries, traumatic brain injury, back, neck, or spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts, and blindness. In addition to Workers’ Compensation claims, you may sue property owners, independent contractors, subcontractors, and other third parties for breaching a non-delegable duty to provide a safe and reasonable construction site under the New York Labor Law Sections 200, 240, and 241.   

Representing Workers In Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents kill about 30 workers and injure about another 17.000 per year.  Elevator injuries can happen when one gets caught in the doors or being struck by the elevator, it can also result from a fall of the elevator shaft or an electric shock. Elevator accidents may lead to traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, and even wrongful death. Our attorney will help you to evaluate your cases and to obtain valuable compensation.

Representing Workers in Electric Injuries

 Electrical accidents killed about 1,500 construction workers within a ten-year time frame, and these accidents injured about 3,708 workers per year.  Electrical injuries include burns, broken bones, tissue damages, nerve injuries, heart troubles, and wrongful death. OSHA requires employers to comply with the provisions governing electricity. In addition, contractors, subcontractors, property owners, public utility, manufacturers, and other responsible parties may be liable for electrical accidents. Besides Worker’s Compensation claims, you can bring personal injury lawsuits in civil court. Our attorney will help you to evaluate your cases and to obtain valuable compensation.

Representing Toxic Exposure Workers

Exposure to toxins is a common cause of construction injuries. Common Toxins include Asbestos, Asphalt, Crystalline Silica, and Formaldehyde. You may experience burns, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, neurological damage, and lung disease after being exposed to toxins. Regulations such as OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standards and Article 28 of the New York Labor Laws protects workers from being injured by toxic exposures. Our attorney will help you to evaluate your cases and to obtain valuable compensation.

Representing the Family of a Worker Who Dies

The unexpected death of a loved one is a difficult experience. Wrongful death in the construction industry accounts for 18.5% of all deaths at the workplace. A wrongful death can result from falling on-site, being struck by objects, electrocution, getting caught by objects or in between two objects, and so forth. In order to file a wrongful death action in New York, you must be the spouse, parent, child, or personal or court-appointed representative of the estate. The compensation can include medical bills, funeral expenses, burial expenses, lost expected wages, loss of consortium, and punitive damages. Our attorneys will help you to file the claim, to prove that the responsible party is at-fault, and to ensure valuable compensation.

If you are involved in an accident while working in construction, it is important to know your legal rights. There are laws in place to protect you and your family after you are injured on the job. Only an experienced Manhattan construction accident lawyer can fight for your right to be compensated. You only have one chance to bring a claim. And all too often, Worker’s Compensation is not enough to cover life-long injuries. Our system is set up to file a claim once for an injury and get paid once. With decades of experience, we have Manhattan construction accident lawyers who can provide the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain compensation for your accident. Contact us today. The law imposes a deadline by which date you must file a claim for a civil suit. The time period starts the moment you are injured. We are dedicated to fighting building owners and general contractors on construction site accidents. 

In our industry, you pay nothing for our legal services until and unless we obtain compensation for you. The standard fee is 33 %.